Linear Moving

Cylinder: Ø 40, Ø 50, Ø 63, Ø 80 e Ø 125

Weight: Check the data sheet

Stroke: up to 500 mm (cylinder version Ø 40: max.  stroke 300 mm)

Adjustable stroke: 1mm step

Position mechanical locking:  two position ( rest [R] end stroke [V])

Emergency brake function: mechanical

Position shock absorber (standard): rest position [R]

Position shock absorber (optional): end stroke position [V]

Correct positioning check: at rest [R] and end stroke [V]

Position locking device: at stroke end [V]

Protection cover: complete or partial (optional)

Carrying capacity: up to 600 Kg (SLD125.1)


Linear slide device SLD.1


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