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Quality Policy

Company Vision

VEP AUTOMATION Srl, thanks to the efforts of all those who are part of it, today occupies an important position in the panorama of automotive suppliers.

It has established itself as a reliable and competitive company in the "Design, development and production of components for industrial automation", in particular for the slab lines, thanks to the reliability and quality of the products offered, to the ability to identify the needs and expectations of internal stakeholders (Ownership and Employees), and external (Customers, Suppliers, Partners and the Community), correctly understanding their needs and expectations, thus consolidating their image on the national market and international.


Company Mission

For the future, VEP AUTOMATION Srl intends to maintain a position recognized by the market, constantly improving results.

Our future will depend on the value of our work and this will be essential to allow the company to increase its competitiveness and, thanks to profitability in line with the market, to progress.


Quality Policy

The Quality Management System which oversees all the company's technical production activities has been implemented in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards in order to guarantee the achievement of the objectives that VEP AUTOMATION Srl intends to pursue and guarantee over time, through the following priority values, on which we have built the System itself:

Customers: they are the reason why the company exists and thrives, we always serve them with professionalism, respect and passion. The judgment that customers give the company is the main tool to evaluate our quality level and our reputation on the market.

The Product: The products supplied by us (intended as a set of correspondence to specifications, timely deliveries and customer assistance) are the main expression of our technical and organizational skills and contribute decisively to our image.

We ourselves: To consolidate and improve the results achieved, we need people who are professionally trained, prepared and personally motivated, able to guarantee:

• Collaborazione e partecipazione a tutti i livelli aziendali: in qualsiasi momento lavorativo devono essere favorite idee e proposte migliorative per ridurre i costi e semplificare il lavoro;

• Collaboration and participation at all levels of the company: at any time, ideas and proposals for improvements to reduce costs and simplify work must be encouraged;

• Respect for all, colleagues, suppliers and customers;

• Honesty and constructive spirit in problem solving;

• Respect for safety regulations, the working environment and attention to the external environment;

• Wishing to win by allowing the company to compete in increasingly aggressive markets, making team play allowing everyone to face the daily challenges with greater momentum and sharing their success;

  Positive economic results: they represent tangibly the achieved goal, they guarantee us to be able to continue on the path taken by continuing to invest in technological innovation and personnel.


• to constantly and continuously improve the organization model of our company that we have developed and maintained;

• improve the quality of the Products and Services offered;

• guarantee and improve the satisfaction of the needs of our customers and the creation of high quality products;

• ensure the satisfaction of the training needs of Personnel, helping them to fully develop their potential, both in individual and group work, avoiding demotivation;

•comply with the legislative provisions.


The Quality Management System is therefore not configured as the interest of a single function but of the entire company and is self-perpetuated in the acquired conviction that, to improve oneself, it is necessary to constantly evaluate oneself, since continuous improvement requires the involvement and everyone's participation.

The objectives described in this document are detailed in the "improvement objective plan" of the "Strategic Business Plan", in which timing and responsibilities are defined. They translate the Quality Policy into concrete activities year by year.



         Beinasco, 02 Jenuary 2018

        The Directorate




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